Understanding Value Systems with the 9 Levels of Value Systems

When it comes to change processes, leadership issues, cultural change, employee retention or successful selling, the 9 Levels make value systems visible and tangible. This is because very few companies can define their corporate culture or describe it in a detailed and comprehensible way.

Every company is only as good as its employees. How they behave, feel, think and work together is a question of corporate culture. This is based on the common values that are lived.

Individual and Corporate Benefits

9 Levels analyzes the personal value systems of individuals as well as those of departments and the entire organization and provides information on the extent to which the value systems of employees and companies fit together. In addition, entire team cultures can be measured with their value systems. The need for change becomes apparent to every team member and thus facilitates general acceptance as well as the implementation of a change process.

Through 9 Levels, managers recognize the differences of their employees and learn to lead them more individually and better. Furthermore, 9 Levels helps to place the right employee in the right position.

As a 9 Levels consultant, I offer you access to a scientifically based and field-tested model that provides a completely new perspective on the value systems of individuals, teams and organizations. In the evaluation and subsequent discussions, the levers become tangible and usable with which sustainable changes can succeed.

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Your personal 9 Levels of Value System® Profil

Your personal value analysis with 9 Levels of Value Systems® for 345 EUR (plus VAT).

For this you will receive:

  • Questionnaire to record your profile
  • Introductory book
  • Approx. 60-minute evaluation interview with a 9 Levels consultant (by phone or in person)
  • Detailed written report

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