References / Customer feedback

Recommendations and references from customers are motivation and highly valuable feedback for me. Likewise, of course, constructive feedback to grow. I appreciate both very much. Some voices of my participants from the different activities, about which I was very pleased.

The concept of saboteurs has shown me that some of what I thought were my strengths can have negative effects.

In the workshop, we each dealt with one of our saboteurs as an example, which was very useful for me.

The variety between VR activities and “normal” discussions was good – as a VR newbie, I would hardly have been able to keep up with 4 hours of VR.

To summarize: An interesting workshop in which I learned a lot about VR and myself.

Dr. Martin Bertram

Member of the Board, PMI Germany Chapter e.V., 01/24: Workshop Mentale Fitness meets Metaverse

After completing the Reiss Motivation Profile analysis with Jürgen Ruff in December 2021, which gave me a better picture of myself, I started the 6-week Positive Intelligence program in January 2022. I am very satisfied with it, because by means of app one is provided daily info, as well as short exercise sequences and over the weekend a longer info split into short parts. In this way, I have also been able to identify some of my saboteurs in greater depth in the weekly feedback session with Jürgen. And with the inputs it is now possible to work with these to “defuse” them.  This makes me feel more balanced and satisfied. And the app helps one to stay on the ball and regularly complete the exercises to strengthen positive thoughts. Jürgen thank you very much for this and I can only recommend the program “Positive Intelligence” and the pleasant cooperation with you.

Philipp Ullmann, Switzerland

Participants 6-Week Mental Fitness Program

It was a wonderful and challenging experience. My daily routine has changed completely. But gradually I am getting used to it, because I have noticed an improvement in myself. The saboteurs try to bring down all the energy, but I have a good resistance with the PQ that helps me resist my thoughts.

Participants 6-Week Mental Fitness Program

Jürgen Ruff, you are doing a great job and changing lives with your podcast!

Podcast listener

Practical tips from the lecturer’s own experience, which can be well implemented in the project.

Participants Project Management Seminar 2021

Practical tips from the lecturer’s own experience that can be well used in Our first PD workshop this year on June 14, 2019 with the speaker Jürgen Ruff – Leading projects sustainably through digital transformation – made an impression. All nine participants agreed that the time for this workshop was well invested, personal expectations were met, and one goes back to everyday work with a new perspective. One participant even reported that the topic is now being addressed at divisional level in a large company.project can implement.

Dr. Andreas Berning

President, PMI Frankfurt Chapter e.V.

I can emphasize the importance and how the positive intelligence program help my life. My judge was the most damaging figure; constantly generating unnecessary pressure and stress in my life. Through this program I gained and activated my sage to explore, empathize, innovate and navigate a path that best aligns with my deeper underlying values and mission. My only regret was not taking it sooner; I’m still a work in progress.. but now I feel extremely accomplished.

Environmentalist Chris P. Nwachukwu

Participants 6-week program Mental Fitness in 2022

I did the assessment yesterday…when do we start the pod meeting? I have found the root of my problem in life, my saboteurs are heavy on me. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity you have given me.

Participants 6-week program Mental Fitness in 2022

Very good instructor, who responded well to the questions of the individual participants with real-life examples and was thus able to establish a practical relevance. In general, the very open and cooperative atmosphere in the group despite the purely virtual presence.

Participants Project Management Seminar 2021

Such a seminar can also be very good in virtual form (i.e. without presence). The practical relevance based on real projects made it lively. The exchange in the group also contributed significantly to the learning process.

Participants Project Management Seminar 2022

We would especially like to thank Mr. Jürgen Ruff for the pedagogically valuable teaching, the interesting project, the constant motivation, excellent communication and helpful feedback.

Thomas Malina

(Participant lecture "Fundamentals of Project Management", January 2015)