Juergen Ruff in conversation with Cole Bridges, brand manager for John Strelecky:

  • Laying the groundwork by starting at age 15 with a concession stand at a water park and soon finding himself in charge of the entire food operation.
  • Learning what matters from daily interactions with customers and experience leading a team.
  • Founder and CEO of Cool Blue Solutions helping brands bring positive & sustainable products into the world market.
  • Marketing internship in China
  • How a well-prepared interview for an internship was the launch pad for John Strelecky Adventures

Length: Video 16:48 min., Podcast 17:52 min.

Web pages:


  • The Café on the Edge of the World
  • The Big Five for Life
  • What I’ve learned
  • Life Safari
  • Mommy Butterfly and Baby Egg

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#73, Cole Bridges, Brand Manager of John Strelecky

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