JRC 20 Jahre

Thank you for  20 years – Potenzialgestalter


Thank you for the many wonderful moments, conversations, constructive collaboration and learning opportunities.

  • 4 years of podcast with over 85 episodes
  • 2 x book co-author
  • 3 Awards
  • Advisory board of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region
  • Company foundation in India
  • Upstalsboomer on time
  • Independent partnerships
  • Ambassador for One Better World
  • Vice President and Regional Coordinator for PMI in Germany
  • 5 ski special travel adventures organised with almost 100 participants
  • …..


…. Many trainings, coachings, consultations, mentorings and much more.

The journey continues and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.


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EU Business News: German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Digital Transformation CEO of the Year 2024: Juergen Ruff

04/2024: Another great confirmation for 20 years of with authenticity and focus on people, their mental fitness, shaping organizational change with culture, leadership, entrepreneurship and the future of work.

How/why was I honored by? Explanation from EU Business News:

The selection for the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 is made after a careful evaluation of all submitted voting and nomination information as well as all evidence provided by the nominee. Our jury also takes into account additional findings from our research team during their own internal investigations.

Global 24 Winner 53

Winner Global Awards 2023/24:

Digital Consultant of the Year – Juergen Ruff


Thank you very much for this great award and confirmation of my many years of work to sustainably strengthen companies and accompany them through change.

Thanks and compliments to my great customers who have dared to take this step of transformation and regularly respond to necessary adjustments instead of only striving for short-term financial success.

Comments from Corporate LiveWire:
“During the awards process we invited over 90,000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and our subscribers to nominate companies & individuals based on factors such as quality of service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other areas. Additionally, our research team has put forward a selection of firms which they felt are deserving of recognition.”


Juergen.Ruff .Consulting Consulting Awards Wall Plaque

Winner:  Management Consulting Awards von Wealth & Finance International

Digital Transformation & Change Management Expert


I am thrilled about this award. For is the best feedback to be recommended or nominated for an award by a customer. Thank you very much.

A great confirmation for 20 years of with authenticity and focus on people, their mental fitness, shaping organizational change with culture, leadership, entrepreneurship and the future of work.

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Guest Contributor – One Billion Happier People by Steve Foran

I’m the first German Guest Contributor on the Daily Gratitudes by Steve Foran and his wonderful initiative One Billion Happier People. Every day I’ll use a natural theme supporting my gratitudes.

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Video: Reiss Motivation Profile explained in 2 minutes (in German)

(produced by Institut für Lebensmotive)

buch werte messen

Co-Autor Book “Measuring Values – successfully shaping change: 21 practical examples with the 9 Levels of Value Systems®”

Values and culture are essential, if not the decisive factors when it comes to the future viability of companies. Not so long ago, a good corporate culture was considered a “soft” factor, or even an ornamental accessory in some strictly hierarchical, top-down organizations. – is now no longer questioned. Driven by megatrends such as globalization and digitization, which affect all industries and organizations, from SMEs to DAX-listed corporations, companies have become increasingly aware of the central importance of values, especially in transformation processes. The existing corporate culture plays a decisive role in determining how those involved think about change plans and specific change projects, for example. And ultimately, whether these are successful and lead to the desired goal. This book offers 21 contributions from practitioners from a wide variety of industries and sectors who successfully work with the 9-Levels Analysis tool: from start-ups to public services, from construction companies to farmers’ cooperatives in Africa. They show the versatile application possibilities and describe the processes from initialization to results. My contribution on “Value Orientation in Project Management. Impulses for shaping organizational change” and “New Normal of Work”.

  • ISBN: 978-3967390070 (in German)
  • Publisher: GABAL; Edition: 1 (1. September 2020)
  • Price: 39,90 €
  • Available in bookstores, online and also from me (including shipping and gladly with dedication).

Image: ©GABAL

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Company Portrait in IHK Magazine issue 10/2019

The IHK magazine reported on my company in the 10/2019 issue. Thank you for the nice article. You can read the article here – in German (PDF).

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Video 1st Global Digital Transformation and Innovation Conference, Amsterdam

Great video to summarize the Global Digital Transformation and Innovation Conference hosted from Corporate Parity in Amsterdam from 16th – 17th November 2017. Thank you to all speaker and participants to making this conference such a success. I had the honor of being the keynote speaker and chairman of this event.

Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Summit
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Video der 3rd Annual Global Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit, Amsterdam

Schöne Zusammenfassung der Konferenz. Mein Vortrag zum Thema Digitale Transformation vom 03.03.2017.

3rd Annual Global Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit
New Complexity in Human Resources and Leadership: Challenges and Solutions

Co-Autor Book “New Complexity in Human Resources and Leadership: Challenges and Solutions”

This reference book describes how companies from a wide range of industries are dealing with an increasingly volatile, dynamic, networked and ambiguous environment and how this changed approach is reflected in the form of new developments in human resources and leadership. After a conceptual definition of complexity, its impact on corporate strategy and human resources is explained and new approaches to leadership are derived. Using practical examples from well-known companies, the authors of the article present tried-and-tested methods, procedures and tools, as well as success criteria and lessons learned for dealing with complexity in companies. My contribution on the topic “Global rollout of the Challenger sales approach in the context of digital transformation” at SAP SE. ISBN: 978-3658161347 (in German) Publisher: Springer Gabler

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Press release published on the study result:

Value Orientation in Soccer, U17 Junior Girls TSG Hoffenheim: 03/2016

Juergen Ruff – – Potenzialgestalter – accompanied the juniors of the U17 of TSG Hoffenheim for the preparation of the 2015/2016 season. Read more on (in German)

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“More Value to the Values”, initiative magazin, 10/2015

The pressure on companies to change is increasing. However, cultural adaptation to change takes time – and this gap is widening. Values play a crucial role in the consideration. Companies also went through changes in the past. This applies to public organizations, entire societies or smaller groups such as departments, clubs or families. The changes were either brought about deliberately or were the result of a sum of influencing factors. Often, one cannot really grasp their actual interaction and it is often not clear what is cause and what is effect… Download article as PDF and read more (in German) View all articles of the magazine in the review: initiative magazin 10/2015

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08/2015: Reiss Profile Germany – Meet the Partner:

Mindful in counseling and with oneself - My answers to life questions by Max Frisch

Each week, a different partner answers selected “life questions” based on the well-known questionnaire by the writer Max Frisch (source: “Fragebogen,” Suhrkamp Verlag 1992)*. In August 2015, Jürgen Ruff faced the questions. My answers to life questions by Max Frisch 1. are you a friend to yourself? Yes, and with respectful interaction, appreciative and also constructively critical – as it should be among friends. 2. do you know what you need? Most of the time, I’m pretty aware. But I try to be mindful and thus learn something new every day. Some of what I have learned may accompany me longer in life. 3. Who would you rather never have met? Isn’t it precisely the uncomfortable encounters that bring us forward? Maybe they wouldn’t always have to be so long. 4. Would you rather have belonged to another nation (culture) and which one? I feel it is a gift to be born in our country with these opportunities. There are always points that can be more rounded. But my experiences in other countries and cultures always make me realize how lucky we are and we should enjoy it every day. 5. What fills you with hope? I am an optimist by nature and look for the way forward. The many great encounters with interesting people and their attitudes and activities make me confident that there is always something to move and everyone can contribute something in some small way. 6. What are you grateful for? For every moment in the here and now; to my wife, family and friends for the great times and support; to all the people I have met and will meet. About me “Potentials are the abilities that lie dormant within us. Recognizing and developing these and experiencing them with joy in practice is the focus of my work.” Jürgen Ruff worked for more than 20 years in international companies in the chemical and software industry and looks back on 15 years of experience in project management (PMI certification). As a trainer, consultant, coach and key note speaker, he specializes in the fields of change management as well as process optimization and lean management. The questionnaire appeared online at As of July 1, 2017, LUXXunited GmbH will take over the business. All information about the new personality tool LUXXprofile can be found there

Interview Reiss Profile European Conference  2013

On the podium at the 4th European Reiss Profile Master Meeting 2013, Image©

Interview Reiss Profile European Conference 2013:

Full Interview::

"Communication determines the success of projects".

Jürgen Ruff on the right understanding in project teams* Mr. Ruff, as a Strategic Consultant at SAP AG, you frequently deal with project teams. Why is the topic of communication important in this context? Ruff: From more than 15 years of my own experience as an international project manager, I know that people have different needs when working together. If these are not respected in the project, conflicts arise. For project teams to function on a human level, communication and motivation are the decisive levers. How do you go about “correctly understanding” the needs of others? Ruff: The first thing is to understand myself, and to recognize why I react in certain ways in certain situations. This is the first step in being able to respond optimally to my counterpart. By doing so, I become more “gracious” or appreciative in contact. Instead of looking for the fault in the other person’s personality, I can focus attention on the positive. According to the motto: Where can this characteristic, which perhaps annoys me in the other person, actually be enriching for the project goal? What do you look for yourself when communicating with business partners? Ruff: Projects are made by people. When I accompany a project, I always conduct a stakeholder analysis at the beginning to include the goals and perspectives of the environment. Already in the initial meetings, I pay attention to signals that allow conclusions to be drawn about the emotional needs of the individual. For example, for order and appropriate structure, which I can take into account both in the documents and in the process. Someone with a low need for order, on the other hand, I would restrict too much with the same approach. Here I have to leave room for improvisation so as not to frustrate the other person. By responding professionally to the key people, I increase the implementation quality of the consultation. Mr. Ruff, thank you very much for the interview. At the end of June, Jürgen Ruff will give a presentation on “How to ‘correctly’ understand my business partner” at the Project Management Day of the Karlsruhe Technology Region. Date: 28.6.13 Place: Siemens Industry Park Karlsruhe Organizer: GPM (Society for Project Management) * The interview appeared online at As of July 1, 2017, LUXXunited GmbH will take over the business. All information about the new personality tool LUXXprofile can be found there